Dell XPS 1640 sound problem, speakers not working.

Submitted by Tom L'Ecluse on Tue, 30/10/2012 - 02:07

I've had a customer who had a problem with his Dell Xps 1640. Suddenly the sound wasn't working anymore. The headphones worked fine. My first guess was that this was a hardware problem but after some further investigation I've found that this is a bug!

This is how you solve it:

1. Open the "Sound" control panel.

2. Select the "Playback" tab.

3. Select "Independent Headphones" as the playback device.

4. Select the "Recording" tab.

5. Select "Microphone Array" as the recording device.

6. Select "Properties".

7. Select the "Listen" tab.

8. Check the box labeled "Listen to this device".

9. In the dropdown box labeled "Playback thru this device" select "Independent Headphones".

10, Close open dialog boxes and return to the "Playback" tab.

11. Select "Speakers/Headphones" as the playback device.

I hope that this help some people!

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