Super slow opening my downloads folder

Submitted by Tom L'Ecluse on Mon, 23/07/2012 - 17:04

Recently I've noticed that opening my downloads folder would take a lot of time. 10 or more seconds but I use fast SSD on all my pc's so 10 seconds was long.

Even deleting the big stuff out of my download folder didn't change that. All the downloads were http download no p2p download / uploads so p2p wasn't the problem.

It is actually a folder option problem. The folder is optimized for images. So basically it tries to make thumbnails from all the files. To do so it opens every file which causes to hang the download folder until it is completed.

But you can fix this behavior:

  1. Open your download folder.
  2. Right click in a white space and go to properties.
  3. Select the tab "Customize".
  4. In the dropdownlist of "Optimize this folder for:" select "General Items".

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