Install dd-wrt on Ubiquiti Unifi

Submitted by Tom L'Ecluse on Sun, 22/07/2012 - 15:23

This tutorial is on how to flash dd-wrt onto a Ubiquiti Unifi.
The Ubiquiti Unifi requires an activation code to run dd-wrt. This code can be purchased in the dd-wrt shop.

Basicly you have 2 options to start this tutorial (A or B, only do one).

1a Install the Ubiquiti Unifi.

You install the Ubiquiti Unifi using the default software. You give it an ip and starts the tutorial.

1b Check dhcp server for the ubiquit Unifi ip.

Or you just plug it in and check your dhcp server what ip that the AP has. The hostname in the dhcp server should be UBNT.

2 SSH to the AP

Log in using ssh these credentials (Or use the credentials from Step 1a): ubnt / ubnt

3 Get the firmware

Download the firmware to the AP /tmp folder.
You can use scp like dd-wrt recommends. I personnally prefer to use wget. So I've used this commands:

cd /tmp



For the firmware:

Note: you should download the latest one. The link is just for reference.

4 Install the firmware

The next step is to install the firmware:

fwupdate.real -m UAP-DD-WRT.bin -d

Note that the install file of dd-wrt has this command.

fwupdade.real -m UAP-DD-WRT.bin -d

But it has an writing error in it and will result in:

-sh: fwupdade.real: not found

5 Finish

The flash is done when you see this:


New FIS entries count 4
FIS Change: added partition terminator instead of 0x75.
New partition count: 0, changes: 1
Writing U-Boot environment to /dev/mtd1
I always like to wait 5 minutes before restarting the AP just to be sure. After the restart you can connect to the ap using your browser on
Don't forget to add your activation code!


Unifi AP

I recently installed dd-wrt on a Unifi AP. Unfortunately I'm having trouble getting it working and I'm starting to wonder if the firmware didn't burn properly.

Here is where I'm at.
If I leave the operating mode in GATEWAY and activate the WAN, the device becomes unreachable. If I change the mode to ROUTER and activate the WAN(also activating web access) I am able to find and connect to the management console, but the wireless clients connecting to the AP can't reach the internet. I'm probably just missing something stupid, but I don't understand where the fall out is and why the Gateway mode doesn't work at all.

Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Just reset

Just reset it to factory default. Default it should give internet to the clients.

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